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About Us

At Kyphi we offer a holistic approch to a general healthy life style. Different types of massages, a toiler made mixture of pure essential oils or a gentle yoga class are only a few approches you can learn at Kyphi.  How to apply make-up or  takeing care of your skin. You can also feel better by setting your mind during a meditation class is another set of holistic approches. During summer we organise Sunrise Yoga, at Smartcity. We practice meditation, basic poses and listen to the natural sounds around us while we flow and let go. All you need to bring are a mat and a small bottle of water. Every service at Kyphi is a tool for you to use when you need the feel !


Our Philosophy

We believe that Beauty is also a key to  relaxation and a healthy life.  We use natural products without any parabens or SLS.  We also create home made products such as scrubs and masks together with a tailor made mixture of pure essential oils to be sure that you are 100 per cent relaxed. Be ready to recieve a good facial massage including your head, neck and shoulders using the right essential oils for your skin type.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health, wellbeing and relaxation whilst providing the client with an experience of a liftime.

Pure essential oils are mixture after a consultantion with the client and used during the massage treatment.

Warm towels are alwasy available during the session together with a candle lite room and soft music to compliment your relaxation time.


Our Process

We offer Hatha Yoga and meditation  an exclusive experience where you can let go of the real life and concentrate specifically on your wellbeing. Our friendly atmosphere will help you go through complete relaxation in a beautiful environment.  No need to be flexible or with that perfect body we see you as a whole person who needs to learn how to be relaxed and  let go of the everyday stress.